Top free things to do this summer in Edinburgh

Top free things to do this summer in Edinburgh

The start of summer can be really exciting in Scotland, especially as it means the stressful exam season is finally over. Summer often comes with one condition, though – a very real lack of funds. It can seem like doing anything fun is depressingly out of reach, but that needn’t be the case. Here are a bunch of cheap ways to have fun this summer without dipping into your bank account.

Go to the Meadows

Luckily, parks in Edinburgh are totally free for public use See: Arthur’s Seat Portobello Beach. Having a picnic is a great way to eat out for cheap, Join us with (The Meadows International Picnic 2018) or you can take some games and make a sporty day of it. If you’d rather chill alone, take a book and a picnic blanket and catch some sun at the Meadows – it’s almost like being on holiday.

Check out a museum

Research free museums in Edinburgh instead of National Museum of Scotland. After a whole year of studying, you’ll find that some learning for pleasure can feel like a real luxury. Some exhibitions may cost a small amount of money, but fortunately a student discount can go a long way to making it more affordable.

Look for vouchers

There are a ton of voucher sites which can help you enjoy events you otherwise would never experience for a cut-price fee. From wine-tasting and food festivals to luxury beauty treatments, sites like Groupon and Wowcher have plenty of ways for you to save and try something new.

Search Recyclable for fun new things for your flat

On Recyclable, people give away things they don’t need anymore – usually household items. If you comb through the site, you could end up finding things like barbecues, outdoor furniture or even trampolines, which can make staying home a lot more fun.

Host a dinner party

Speaking of staying home, a dinner party is a great, cost-effective alternative to a night out. Ask friends to bring a dish or a bottle so the cost is spread a bit more evenly, organise some parlor games and pretend to be an adult for the evening.

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