Mountaineering clothing and equipment

Mountaineering clothing and equipment

Mountaineering is a step up in seriousness from hill walking, and it’s important that your clothing and equipment keep pace with that change.

In addition to the clothing and equipment you will have for summer conditions, it is recommended that you wear or carry the following items to deal safely with Scotland’s mountains in winter.

Additional winter kit list

  • Warm/windproof trousers or thermal long johns
  • Rigid boots
  • Ice axe
  • Crampons
  • Hot drink in a thermos flask
  • Spare high energy foods e.g. sweets or chocolate
  • Goggles – essential for navigation in some conditions.

In addition you may consider a snow shovel and a helmet.

And don’t forget, it is no use having all the kit if you have no idea how to use it! If you are planning on venturing into the winter hills for the first time why not treat yourself to one of our winter skills courses?

Winter clothing: layering explained

You will often hear the term ‘layering’ used in relation to clothing for the mountains – particularly in winter. This video from Glenmore Lodge explains it simply.


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