How To Meet New People in Edinburgh ?

We are talking more about meeting people for dating rather than friendship but the same principles apply. Let’s break down our suggestions one by one:

  1. Meeting people at the park
    They refer to the park as the dog park. I guess that’s more of an American term but then we do have dogs and we do have parks so I get where they are coming from. This is certainly one way to meet people and hey, you would definitely have something in common: you both have dogs. And while your dog is off socialising in his or her own unique way, you can strike up a conversation with a fellow pet lover. And who knows: you may become friends for life?
  2. Meeting people at the supermarket
    I don’t think this one is quite as natural as the one above. Yes, it’s possible, but finding something in common (unless you both happen to have your dog with you) is far less common. I don’t know if you would start talking to someone about your love of croissants just because you both happen to be stood in the bread aisle.
  3. Meeting people on the airplane
    Sure, you could do. But the problems with this one are apparent: they may not live anywhere near you and Edinburgh may have been their holiday destination and they are heading back home to God knows where.
  4. Meeting people at work
    Let’s face it. If this were that easy, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.
  5. Meeting people through existing friends
    I have to agree with the ladies on this one. This is certainly a risky proposition. Introducing friends to other friends can sometimes result in cringe-worthy occasions. And you wouldn’t want to do that to your existing friends now, would you?
  6. Meeting people at Church
    Not that there’s anything wrong with going to Church but this is far more of a realistic method in the U.K. attending Church every Sunday is a common event.
  7. Meeting at the meetup groups
    It’s the easiest method and people do make friends this way. They’re in Edinburgh may have been their university destination or they’re Expat or young professional in Edinburgh Meetup Groups… And who knows: you may become friends for life? You can have look