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Hacking Meetup: How to make your Meetup group fascinating to new members?

No one ever said building stuff was easy (except maybe this guy). It takes passion, dedication, and commitment, but here’s the good news: you’ve already got all that (you’re here, aren’t you?). The on... »

Students don’t care about the community 

Students don’t care about the community 

Students in the UK contribute almost 32 million hours of voluntary work a year, yet many charities and voluntary organisations don’t actively recruit them. With over 2 million students in the UK and o... »

Beltane Festival 2018 at the Calton Hill

On the evening of April 30th, mysterious creatures can be seen emerging from the darkness and dancing about Calton Hill. Painted bodies cavort to a chorus of beating drums, and breath-taking fire disp... »

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